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Street photography is one of the purest forms of photography. It is also one of the most challenging forms of photography. It’s difficult because we usually don’t have much control over the environment, well at least as much as we might like.

This one on one online course is designed and improvised keeping in mind the individual needs of each participant.

Rohit Vohra
© Rohit Vohra

Whats Included :

  • You will learn how to capture the beauty in the mundane of everyday life. You will also learn how to capture “Decisive Moments”
  • During this course you will also learn, how do you overcome the fear of shooting street photography and how do you create images that tell compelling stories?
  • We will discuss technique, composition, vision and intent and how to use the camera and lens in a creative way.
  • Mentor will design the course depending on your personal requirements. This is a flexible course, so you can study at your own pace as well.
  • 6 classes (45 days-60 days) Depending on your needs. Students will need to finish these classes in 60 days max. The participant also gets an access to lots of resources from the mentor.
  • Mentor will also discuss careers, how to get published and how to work on a story. (That is included in the 12 class course)
Rohit Vohra
© Rohit Vohra

What’s Not included :

We will talk very little about Gear, maybe just a little if you need help with that at all.

Since the nature of the workshop is like that, we won’t be able to meet one on one in person, unless the mentor is in your city and has time available. One on One workshops in your city are also available, you can write to me directly at

What do you need :

You don’t need a fancy DSLR or lenses, I will be happy to work with the equipment you already own. A smartphone will also do. So any camera that takes pictures, a film camera will also do, as long as you can develop and share the photographs with me.

You should have a drive to learn, there will be tasks given regularly and depending on the time accepted by the participant, he/she will be expected to finish the assignments on time.

Rohit Vohra
© Rohit Vohra

Who is this class for : 

Anybody who enjoys photography and wants to improve or polish his/her craft. Since this course is individual based, the content of the class will depend on your individual aptitude.

Course is divided into 6 online classes. However it can be increased depending on individual needs.

This is also perfect for someone who is unable to travel at the moment and wants to shoot locally and get active feedback on his works.

Some of the things you will learn

This might change depending on your needs and requirements but we will talk about

  1. What is street photography
  2. How to overcome your fear on the streets
  3. How to position yourself
  4. Vision
  5. Art of story telling
  6. How to take better pictures
Rohit Vohra
© Rohit Vohra

Format of the class:

The first session will include portfolio review, to understand your strengths and weaknesses.

I will provide you with my personal feedback and direction on your work as a whole set while also providing critique to individual images. By the end of this session, I will have a better understanding of your photographic skills, your vision and what you want to achieve.

At the end of the first session I will give you the first assignment that we will review and critique during following session. The best way to learn street photography is to actually go out and do it, so these assignments will be the fundamental of your learning.

The assignments will also aim to develop a better understanding of what we have discussed during our Skype sessions. We will also have an exchange of ideas or images over What’s app.

© Rohit Vohra

Shooting assignments and Review of your work :

We will meet online for our sessions after you finish exercises given in previous session. I will need to receive the images before our session so that I can take prints and prepare review with notes and constructive critiques for every photograph you send me beforehand. We will also discuss all the difficulties and concerns trying to better understand how to improve in every area.

In every session I will also give you extra assignments tailored to you, that will help you at every step.

In our last video skype session we will do a comprehensive review of your work. We will put your strongest images together in relation to your vision and style so that you will be confident to print them or share the best images online.

Rohit Vohra
© Rohit Vohra

I will also give you suggestions on how to edit your pictures with Lightroom or Photoshop.

Over the 6 online sessions, I will personally guide you through all your questions and doubts. After finishing the 6 sessions you have the option to continue your learning by booking extra classes or do a one on one workshop with me. For example, If you feel you are not confident with certain areas it will be possible to book extra hours for example for a post production online workshop.

These 6 sessions however are very comprehensive and it will help you cover all aspects of street photography. Each session will be around an hour each.

Online sessions need to be booked in advance and you can choose your own pace and time (subject to my availability)

© Rohit Vohra

Cost :

First set of 6 personal skype sessions cost $500/ Rs 35000.

This program typically lasts for 2 months, in which you have access to the mentor and can get reviews on whats app as well. These are detailed reviews of your images.

How to book your spot : 

To book your spot, you will need to send me an email at rohit@artphotofeature.comalong with a set of 6 images that you have taken in the past. You also need to give me a rough idea of when you would like to start. I will try to reply as soon as possible but please allow me 24hrs to reply and confirm your spot.

Also I would request you to fill this form to register.

Please feel free to mail me regarding any doubts or clarifications regarding the workshop.

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