Imperfect is often perfect

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A good photograph is the one that has an emotional connect with the viewer, whether it brings a smile, makes you cry, sad or just makes you think. The purpose of a photograph is to create a memory, to steal a moment in time, a moment that you connect with. My emotional connect with a photograph might be different than yours and hence the variable of what makes a good photograph.

With any creative medium and specially photography, there is a tendency to strive for perfection. While this can be good, but this desire for perfection can choke creativity.

Sometimes, you just can’t have it all, remember its better to capture the right moment with wrong settings, rather than wrong moment with right settings.

While waiting for Kebabs at a local restaurant in Old Delhi, had my camera….took a quick shot

If I had waited to look for settings, moment would have gone. Use your intuition to see the shot before it happens and go with your gut.

I was actually shooting the kids at the back and this boy just jumped into the frame, happy coincidence!

Sometimes we feel we have control over the situations but for moments like these, they just come to you. Wrong settings….but the moment works.

Shot through a plastic curtain, again while waiting for food at road side shop in Varanasi.

I didn’t think much of this image when I took it, when I came back I realised, it didn’t have the right settings but it did have the flow and the moment. @instagram featured it within 2 days that I shared it. One just needs to see the perfection in imperfection.

Think of photography as having a conversation, you are asking questions, providing answers and sometimes not.

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